Things in 3’s

Do all things come in three’s?
I think so. So first it was my phone.
remember that?
Then it was my car.
Then my blow dryer. All things broken. Shoot.
As if I wasn’t broke enough- now I have some serious repairs.
I need a vacation.
Good news- tomorrow is mid-week!
To celebrate- I made Zucchini “Burgers” for dinner. I found this recipe out in blog land on Beth’s Journey. I made a few changes/additions.
Here is what you need:
1 Zucchini
1/3c carrots- shredded
1 egg
1/3c onion- chopped
1/3c red pepper- chopped
1/4c whole wheat flour
1/4c feta
salt and pepper and garlic
1- Shred Zucchini.
2- Squeeze water out of Zucchini. Be prepared- It’s a lot of water!
3- add carrot, onion, pepper and egg. Mix.
4- add flour. Mix.
5- Add feta. Mix.
6- Form into patties.
7- cook ’em.
8- enjoy!
Yes- those are sweet potato waffle fries!
I’m off to the gym to attempt a run while watching Glee. 2 birds and 1 stone!

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