A love of hummus

Happy Friday!
Do you find it sad that we are constantly counting down to a weekend? Then it ends and you just start counting again. It’s kind of a bummer.
Well, as many of you know Steve Jobs passed away. I found it extremely sad and it felt like I lost someone in my family. He was a profound man with an insane vision.
I stopped in Kendall where his stone is on the walk of fame.
I arrived at dinner with my gal pals. We went to Cafe Barada. 
I immediately ordered a beer. Seasonal!
It was a good pumpkin beer. Not overly pumpkin-e.
We started with the sampler.
Hummus, lentils, baba ganoush and tabouli. It was heaven on earth.
I could have just eaten this with pita for dinner. The hummus tasted just like the hummus in Egypt.
It was authentic and freaking awesome!
Me and Katie shared a Texas sized falafel sandwich for diner.
Again- heaven. I love love love Mediterranean food. It was so fresh and delicious.
I devoured this.
I also made a huge mess. My sandwich was leaking oil everywhere.
We also laughed so hard I almost spit my water out. Instead- it just went through my nose.
Cute look for me.
We talked a little about life and my serious fear of death. Sorry- I can’t go into on here. I’ll have to go into all the details of my fear.
We did talk a lot about Steve Jobs. Mostly because he was so successful at going after his dreams and doing exactly what he wanted. If there were no barriers holding you back and money was no object- what would you do? It’s a valid question.
We also talked about Hummus. I seriously love hummus so much. So much that I compared it to the Lion King and how I was smear it on my child after they were born.
Too much? Ok- I wouldn’t do that but I seriously could drink hummus. But only the really good kind.
Now- I’m off for a Friday of work. Wahoo for the weekend! Enjoy- I hope it’s full of some of these delicious beauties.
Birthday countdown: 10 days!

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