The birthday blues

It’s kind of a bummer when your birthday is over.
Today I have a birthday hangover.
I think it’s because I was on my death bed yesterday.
I didn’t enjoy the day.
I somehow worked through the entire day.
It was tough. But I did it.
When I got home I wanted carbs for dinner.
Carbs heal sickness.
I had a recipe I wanted to try.
I present:
Pasta Al Pomodoro
aka- tasty homemade sauce.
olive oil
1/2 onion
4 garlic cloves
pinch of red pepper
28 oz can of peeled tomatoes- I used crushed
butter for the pasta
1- start boiling the pasta water
2- chop onion and garlic. Coat another pan with oil and cook onion and garic.
3- add pinch of red pepper
4- add can of tomatoes
5- simmer for about 20 mins.
6- cook your pasta on the other side.
7- add a little bit of pasta water to tomato sauce.
8- Enjoy with lots of cheese!
9- Put them together.
It was so tasty and exactly what I needed.
I added a little sugar as well. I like sweet sauce.
Then I enjoy some birthday happiness.
That cake you see is peanut butter and chocolate.
My favorite!
Thank you roommates for the awesome loot 🙂
This magazine will come in handy at the gym!
Fear not! My hangover will be cured by birthday celebrations this weekend.

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