like a tranquilizer gun

Last night I had a tasty dinner.
I went to Ginger Exchange with B.
It was pretty tasty!
I started with some Mango Tea and Salmon Sushi.
Nice combo of flavors.
B ordered the Eel from the Sea Sashimi.
I didn’t love it. I can’t explain why. But it wasn’t for me.
That eel can stay in the sea.
I ordered dumplings for my entree.
I cannot resist tasty dumplings. I always get
the veggie.
They were really good. I wish I had been feeling better
and I could have enjoyed them more.
But my cold is still kicking my a**.
B ordered this weird Beef Thai Basil dish.
It was decent. I loved the egg on top
And the rice that burnt to the bottom.
It was spicy! It made my nose run even more.
I had to kick B to the curb after dinner due to my illness. And
I was exhausted. I was in bed realllll early.
I get a little loopy once the cold meds hit.
I woke up with a little more energy today.
I think it’s because taking cold meds is like
taking a tranquilizer gun to your behind.
Today I made my first trip to Costco.
It will not be my last! I want a gallon of hummus.
Who doesn’t? I ate so many samples it was like
a full lunch. The trip was a success! Where
else can you eat a hamburger, yogurt, chicken
sausage, pudding, buffalo chicken dip and
Carmel corn in one place? For free?!?!
Our Oktoberfest party at work tomorrow
is going to seriously rock.
I now have to drag myself to the gym.
I’ve been uber hungry this week!

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