My first visit to the Chiro

I finally went to the Chiro! I’ve had back
problems for as long as I can remember. 
rid of them. Nothing worked. I trekked to
see my new Chiropractor. I got cracked and
I’ve tried a lot of different things to getwalked back to work work 15 mins later.
Did it hurt? No. Do I feel better? Not
yet. But I’m hoping that it will improve
over time. Plus her name is Candy. I trust
her already.
The walk back was super nice. Look
at the trees!
After work I had my bi-weekly gathering
with the gals. We hit up Clover since it finally
opened in Inman. I was so excited! I ordered
some hibiscus tea since it reminds me of Egypt.
Plus they don’t have beer yet.
They assured me that they will soon.
I assured them that I’ll be back when they do.
I ordered some french fries with rosemary
So tasty!
And the main course… Egg and eggplant!
If you read me often, I’ve already had this.
But it’s worth eating a hundred times. Plus-
it has hummus on it 🙂
After we inhaled our food we decided to head to
Trina’s for a drink. We discovered that one side
of Trina’s has become a sports bar! I didn’t
mind but Katie wasn’t happy with this change.
We ordered some beers and just chatted.
The selection was pretty good.
We all had the Pumple Drumkin Ale
I liked it. Not too spicy.
I had to call it an early night because I needed to
pack. And I kind of did.
Now I have to finish since my flight is in 3 hours!
I’ll try and keep it real in Lucerne and blog.
Switzerland is a really nice place so I’ll at least
send some photos out.

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