Boston to Zurich to Lucerne

Greetings from Lucerne, Switzerland!
Phew- it was a journey to get here.
It started at 7:00ish yesterday by car.
Ashly dropped me at the airport and I
checked in for my flight. I love airports!
I walk around until it’s pretty much time
to board the flight.
 I looked at food and watches while waiting to board.
I also looked at some chocolate.
It’s giant chocolate at the airport!
Then it was time to board. I flew Swiss Air to Zurich.
I personally love Swiss and think there is no better
way to fly… unless it’s first class.
I left around 9:30pm Boston time and arrived
at 10:30am-ish Switzerland time. There is a 6 hour
difference between me and the East Coast right
now. I then took the train from Zurich to Lucerne.
 In total I’ve had about 2 hours of sleep. So that meant
drinking lots of espresso upon arrival!
Good thing the office here has a coffee/espresso/cappuccino
maker. I would be dead if it didn’t.
I hurried out of work at 5:30 to unpack and walk
around to burn some energy. Instead it turned into
a night run. Lucerne is so beautiful and right out of a fairy tale.
And at night- even more picturesque.

This is the church near my hotel.The photos would
be better but it’s pitch black here at 5pm.
I ran down the trail that hugs the Lake Lucerne. It was a perfect
night for running. There were some people out but it
was quiet on my run. The swans were already sleeping.
No joke- there are beautiful, white swans everywhere here.
I think Walt Disney came here and based every fairy tale
and movie on this place.
Here is Lucerne at night. You can
see some sailboats if you squint.
And the amphitheater stage near work. I love this park.
There are always old men playing Bocce here in the
I’m super lucky to travel for work. Although it is for
work, I’m still lucky to see so many beautiful places.
Whether I’m traveling for business or pleassure, I love to run
in new places.You never know what is around each corner.
I don’t suggest running everywhere but Lucerne is
extremely safe so you can be out pretty much any
time of day.
I am off to take a bubble bath and get ready for bed.
Yes- it’s 7:30 here. I don’t care. I’m tired.
funny side note- my computer is putting everything
in German. It’s very confusing and it won’t translate to
english. At least it’s entertaining.

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