Oh- and there was Wine.

Hello Hello my friends from the other
side of the world! I am having a blast
here in Lucerne. I’ve been super busy
with work and catching up with my
european friends. This has included mass
amounts of wine, cheese and chocolate.
This is ideal in my life. So let’s catch up
shall we?
Fondue. I went to fondue with Remi and Giada
Thursday night.
The place was very Swiss.
We ordered fondue with truffles and champagne.
Giada ordered the raclette.
Me and Remi also ordered wine.

I dipped a pickle in the fondue. It wasn’t tasty.
This is the raclette. You scrap the melted cheese off
the top. It was the best part!
 Potatoes and bread in cheese. YUM!
On Friday night Remi cooked me dinner after work.
We traveled to Budapest together last March and I loved the food
He once lived there so he made me Chicken Paprika.

Oh- and we had Hungarian Wine.
He cooked and he made my spatzle! Yum!!
Finished product. So tasty!
He convinced me that polish vodka would help
us digest our dinner. I’m not sure I believe this trick.

 Today I went to Zurich with Miriam.
They are occupying Zurich as well. There was a funny
poster that said “UBS did it again” and there was a
picture of Britney Spears under it. The Swiss have a
nice sense of humor.
We stumbled upon the “Cupcake Affair” and had to
stop for one and a coffee. It was a nice break.

We walked around Zurich a little bit more. There were
clocks and churches everywhere.

All the churches were so beautiful. I fell in love with

We stopped at a world famous place for hot chocolate.
Guess what? I’m glad it’s famous and that we went because
it was heavenly!
This place had lots of amazing cakes.
And lots of smiling men.
I very much enjoyed it!
We had plans to visit the spa in Zurich. It is a thermal spa.
We walked along the lake since it was a beautiful day.
The spa was amazing. I don’t have any photos because
I can’t take photos of people walking around in their bathing
suits. But check out the spa here.
We had to head back to Lucerne.
We finished our day with a combo of espresso and
hot chocolate. It was ok but the cookie with it
was better.
Tomorrow will include some hiking and lake walks.
I need it after the amount of chocolates and glasses
of wine I’ve consumed since my arrival to the land
of chocolate, army knives and watches.



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