Paula Deen is my homegirl

I’m in the lovely Savannah, Georgia y’all!
Last night I went to a show at the Savannah Theater.
I highly recommend a visit if you are town. I thought it
was going to be hokey. But it was pretty good. Lots of
laughs for sure.

I also went to the infamous Olde Pink house. Also-
highly recommended by me! Get the praline basket.
Today was another busy day. Some work and then free time.
I did a little trolley tour of the city. Savannah happens to have
the largest historic district in the US. Crazy right? It’s also
considered to be the most haunted city in America. EEK!
But most of you know that Savannah is home to one
really awesome person. 
I adore this woman. I didn’t see her around town but
I did ask every single person I met about her. I learned
today that her products and restaurants bring in around
300 million a year. SHOOT! Not bad for a butter loving lady.
I made a visit to her store… 3 times.

All I bought was a Christmas ornament. But I wanted
everything this place had! I had to get out before I went
I  made a detor for ice cream at the world famous
It was rated in the top ten best ice creams in the world!!!

I went with butter pecan & amaretto. I was in heaven! If you
know me- you know I love ice cream as much as
mexican food. Maybe more.
This is a terrible photo of me but I’m risking it for the readers.
It was a whirlwind day of the sights. I love Savannah!

This evening I did a Ghost tour. Savannah is indeed the most
haunted city in America. It’s a freaky place where things
I finished the night at Belford’s. I tried to have a salad
but the travel has official taken its toll. I’m feeling a little
under the weather and took a few bites and called
it quits.
So it’s so long Savannah! I’m heading out of here tomorrow.
While I’m definitely ready to be home, I really love the south.
It’s a fantastic place and people should get down here. Especially
to Savannah.
And if you see Paula Deen- say what’s up for me! She is
my southern home girl.

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