The killer kool aid is killer.

The last 48hrs have been crazy!
I’ve been to my work holiday party, my family
Christmas party and a welcome home party.
Friday was my work party. It was a 1920’s theme
and it was at the Fairmont Copley. So beautiful!

The 20’s was a cool theme and everyone looked awesome.
Including me. I was rocking the red lips. Seemed like a
good idea until it was staining everything.
Saturday morning I woke up before the sun was even out.
I hit the road for Maine. I had a family party first.
The kids passed out gifts and we all just got together
to celebrate the season. It was nice. I snapped a few pics of
Lily being Lily.

Then it was off to the rest of my weekend. We had to
welcome Adam home from Iraq! I got a little
shin dig together to surprise him. It worked and
we all had a super fun night with way too many drinks.

We drank too much killer kool-aid. It’s a real drink
and it really was killer. It was really a killer this morning
when I had to function like a normal human being.
I’m still trying to be human again at 9:30pm. Better luck
tomorrow. Warning: The Killer Kool-aid is killer.
Good news though- this is a short week and Christmas
is almost here :)


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