Two favorite Tuesday

Two Favorite Tuesday.
I wish it was called – I drank a delicious pint of
 beer. But I didn’t because I’m watching what I ingest.
Saturday is the free day. Which usually includes beer.
I wish today included beer but it didn’t.
That’s one of my favorite things but I’m not
counting it today. Maybe I should re-name today?
Anyways- all my friends are visiting from Lucerne
which is great. My job entails being part of a team
that all work from Switzerland. I am the lone wolf
in Boston. So it’s alwas nice to visit and eat food
and drink beer together. Which is what we did last
night at Meadhall. A fav of mine in Cambridge. Over
100 beers on tap? Yes please. I had the shipyard
that you see above.
Ok- two favorite things Tuesday. Let’s do this.
1- Hanging with friends at exciting events.
I mentioned I was going to Frozen Fenway over
the weekend. It was awesome! The weather was killer
and lots of friends were around.
Umaine won. Then I almost got in a bar fight. True story-
I kept reminding UNH fans that they suck. Bad move.
But I made it alive to the Baseball Tavern for a few
bevs (beer) with friends. Closing time came and we stumbled
on to the street and decided it was the prime photo opportunity.
Ok-I basically threw my camera at the bouncer and he snapped
a few shots.
Classy bunch of kids.
It was a great weekend.
2- Spin bikes at the gym.
Sometimes I’m a gym rat. And I eat really
healthy 90% of the time. Ok maybe 85%. But it’s
because I seriously love taking care of myself.! I’m not
 trying to lose weight but I do love feeling good
about myself and accomplishing things. Working out sucks.
Seriously- it does. But the after results and the feeling
of accomplishment is what counts.
My gym has these killer spin bikes. You can watch
a video and spin. It’s like a class for one and it’s awesome.
You do have to push yourself but I was sweating like crazy.
10 miles. Done and Done.
So I guess what I’m saying is enjoy
some beer with your friends and also take
care of yourself.

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