London Baby!

Woah! I’ve been gone for what feels like forever.
It was an epic journey for sure and it felt a little
strange coming home. I always feel a little disconnected
from my life here when I’m gone for awhile. But
well worth it!
Here is the first part of the journey.
So this story began when me and Maggie boarded a 
flight to London to meet Jillian. 
We arrived in the beautiful London and we were
starving. We opted for some real english food.
These scones were killer! We fueled ourselves for a quick nap.
After the nap it was time to hit the town.
We checked out all the major sites along the river.

We said hello to Ben.
Then it was fish and chips time! Oh.. and mushy peas.
 And some beer. I love beer in London. It’s so tasty!
And a million varieties.
A miniature pub crawl would follow. I mean…
why not? We only had a short time in London.

After a few too many drinks.. we called it a night.
We spent our final morning/afternoon exploring
a bit more. I made a few calls.

Said farewell to Benny.
 Drank some amazing coffee.

And took the tube all over the city.
I think we really did London proud in 36 hours. It was worth
a little visit before the real adventure started.
The three of us toted our luggage to the airport and got
ready for the big trip. Next up… a 12 hour flight to Bangkok.

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