Good morning, Thailand!- Part 2

The three of us were on our way to Bangkok.
A 12 hour flight was the only thing standing in our way.
We all sat in different places on the plane so we
could have the seats we like. (Hey- no one wants
that middle seat.) We arrived groggy and feeling
a bit crazy due to lack of sleep.
We got to our hotel in Bangkok and the room
was actually a suite the size of my apartment! I screamed loudly
upon opening the door and frightened the bell hop. 
The view was pretty good but hazy.
We wasted no time finding something to eat.
And we found some fruity drinks to accompany our
pad thai. It was tasty!
We called it an early night due to lack of sleep.
The next two days were spent checking out the sites
around Bangkok.
Golden Buddha

Reclining Buddha

The Grand Palace
Floating Markets

A monk at the River Kwai cemetery. 
We traveled north to Phitsanulok for a night.
We stopped on the way to visit a major site and
it’s ruins. Ayutthaya.

That night we did a rickshaw ride.. oh and ate bugs.

Your face on bugs.
The next morning we packed it up and headed to 
Chiang Rai! On the way we stopped and
visited Sukhothai Historical Park. This park was
was seriously huge. We had to ride trams from site to site.
Part of the park

Hanging with Buddha.

Making wishes on elephants.

A bigger Buddha.
The first part of the trip was great. But
the best was still to come in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai.
to be continued…

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