Bright Lights, Big City

Do you guys remember a few weeks ago when I said
I won a trip to NYC? Well I took that trip last
weekend with my Mom.
We flew from Boston to Newark and had a car waiting.
We were transported to our hotel right in Times Square.
and we immediately went for some tasty BBQ at Virgil’s since
it was near by and we were beat.
The next morning I had my appointment at Bloomingdale’s!
I needed some serious energy so I of course bumped up
on some carbs.
New York bagels really are the best aren’t they?
I met my shopper, Evie, and we went to town. I had about
$1500 to spend and it was hard! I had so many things
in mind but then it came down to it.. and I changed
my mind. I was all about bright, spring clothes.
I bought dresses, shoes, jeans and tops.
The good news- I still have a little money
left to spend.

 It was successful!
We made a visit to the 9/11 memorial.

We also made a visit to the Native American Museum. If you didn’t
know… I’m actually 1/16 native american folks! We made a visit
and then walked a bit more. It was a long day of walking. And
I needed this.
A little bit of sangria.
The next day we did the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
trip. My mom had never done it before so we jumped
on early.

And it was followed by this incredible salad for lunch.
Roasted veggie salad with a side of hummus and pita.
You know how I feel about hummus.
That night we had a little dinner cruise to attend.
It was kind of rainy out but it was beautiful.
5 courses and beautiful scenery.
Little squid salad.

Our final full day in NYC was another busy one.
We started with the MoMA.

I felt smart for the afternoon.
Then we shot over to the Empire State Building.
This was also my moms first time so it was nice to do.
 It was super bright up there!
We had a great time and it was jam packed. As you can
imagine… I was exhausted. I hadn’t even been home for
a week. I still haven’t been sleeping but the insomnia
was total worth it since my trip ended with this.
Peanut Butter Frozen chocolate explosion.

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