Two breakfast deep

It’s Saturday am and I’ve already accomplished
so much. I’m two breakfast deep and a run already under
my belt.
This was a good week full of quinoa.
Curry quinoa with brussel sprouts and an egg. Sounds
like a weird combo- but it was awesome.

Yesterday for lunch I had a huge arugula salad
with quinoa, beans, craisins, walnuts and loads
of veggies. And a few hershey kisses followed.
I wish I were eating these.
Sadly I am not. But maybe bagel Sunday is in order.
See- I believe in balance. Lots of people try and avoid
things but I’d go crazy if I did that. So I try to
 eat really healthy about 85% of the time. I eat pounds
of veggies everyday. I snack on them, eat tons at dinner and I try 
to include them in breakfast by hiding them in these overnight oats.
This was like eating chocolate pudding for breakfast.
Here is the recipe:
Chocolate Pudding Overnight Oats:
1 banana
1 cup almond milk
1 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tbsp almond/peanut butter
1.5 tbsp chia seeds
handful of kale
Blend ingredients.
Pour over 1/3 cup oats
Refrigerate overnight.
See- balance can be awesome. I won’t lie- I eat
chocolate everyday. I don’t miss a single day. If I did,
I’d just die. Ok, maybe not. But I feel that way!
Luckily I love fruits, veggies and healthy things. You get one
body and I’d like to keep my insides in tact and healthy. 
I try to avoid lots of “franken” foods and eat whole foods instead. 
Everyone is of course different, 
but if I can’t read it.. I try not to eat it.  
I went for a little 4 miler today to test my legs.
Yup, still in pain. It was a crappy run. I am aiming to 
get my mileage down to under 9 minute miles right now.
Today… eh. 
The rest of the day should be an awesome day. Eventful 
to say the least!
 At 3ish I’m heading to…
watch the B’s games. Playoffs baby!
I’ll be sitting a cozy box enjoying a beer or
two with friends and cheering on our boys.
Tonight I’m heading out to celebrate Ashly’s birthday!
We have lots planned for a fun filled weekend. 
Have a great Saturday!

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