Why Calgary Rocks!

After a hell of a day of travel and some stolen money..
I made it Canada. Calgary to be exact. And it’s
beautiful here. It’s better than I expected. Ok- I don’t
even know what the heck I expected. But here
are some reasons Calgary rocks.
They have amazing parks here. Some of the
best outdoor space I’ve seen. (listen it doesn’t look
great because everything is still brown but take
my word for it.)
The downtown area is easy to navigate, is clean
and pretty.
Everyone is so active here. And why wouldn’t they be
with all the beautiful running/walking/biking/roller
blading paths? Roll on.
The have the 15+. What is that you ask?
It’s indoor sidewalks that connect the entire
downtown area. During the winter you don’t
have to take a step outside. The architect who designed
it is a brainiac.
Tim Horton’s out numbers Starbucks.
Also- there are a lot of attractive men here. All
the major oil/gas companies are here so people
are constantly coming in and out of the city for business.
This = lots of men. Probably women too if you are
My hotel leaves snacks in the hallway. I’m pretty
sure I’m the only person taking them. I have a stock
pile in my room for the drive tomorrow.
Calgary is a beautiful, clean and easy to navigate city.
The mountains are only an hour away. The people are
friendly here and they don’t even try to run you over
when you cross the street! Visit. You won’t be sorry.
But I will tell you I really miss the knucklehead.
But clearly George moves on quickly.
This is his boyfriend, Bruno. Yeah, you read that
right. These two are seriously in love. My parents
say it’s getting out of hand. At least he picked a dog
that can easily lift things and protect him.
I also miss this gal. My beautiful niece, Lily.
She is 5!! Can you even believe that? I can’t.
Ok- back to the streets to work.
Not in that way…


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