Bangin’ Banff

I’m blogging live from Banff, Alberta.
It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve
ever been lucky enough to visit. 
The drive here was no joke either.
I watched the Rockies get closer by every mile.
The beautiful Bow Falls.
I rode the gondola to the top of sulphur mountain.
The view was disgusting. Disgustingly awesome!

I took a drive around a lake or two.
They were still frozen and looking pretty frigid.
I made some new friends.
 A mom and baby. The dad was around with his giant
horns. But, sadly, no bears yet. But I’ve been told
I should spot one soon.
I’m obsessed with Banff. Whenever I travel I think to
myself “Could I live here?” For once- this is somewhere I
could see myself living. With George of course. It’s so
amazing here. I’m sure the winters are a serious b*tch,
but I could overlook 8 months of winter I think.
I’d, of course, need to obtain a visa and a job. 
Let’s get the ball rolling on this.

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