Ain’t no sunshine when I’m here- Vancouver

I’m blogging live from the Amtrak Cascades
train to Seattle. I woke up super early this morning
for the last leg of the trip so I am exhausted.
Stick a fork in me. I’m done.
I traveled by train from Kamloops to
Vancouver on Friday. It was a nice trip filled with
good food and nice scenery. And somewhat
peaceful sleep. We followed a river or 5 for most of the trip.

This is basically what the entire trip looked like.
I did see like 4 or 5 bald eagle’s so that was a nice touch.

They did serve me some wine and cheese.
Once I arrived in Vancouver I opted for a run around the seawall.
My legs/body were craving the pavement and I felt
I should listen to them and get them moving.
I’m pretty sure the sun didn’t shine the entire 36hrs I was there.

Ain’t no sunshine when I’m here?
I did about 6 miles and my legs felt it.
Pain. I’ll now be in pain for days to follow.
I did a little city tour to get to know and to get
personal with Vancouver. I saw some nice sights.
The totem polls. I’m part Native American and
I actually like to boast about it pretty often.
So this gives me another reason to brag.
The first narrows lion’s gate bridge.
Built by the Guinness family actually.
I made it over to Granville Island for the market
and my own afternoon delight. The produce was beautiful.

And the crepes weren’t bad either. This is my kind of
afternoon delight.
I saw some amazing hilltop views of Vancouver. And yeah-
still no sun happening.

I went into what felt like part of the movie Bio-Dome.
It was a tropical rain forest with birds.
And I finished the day with a walk around the seawall
to stretch my legs. And let’s be honest- take in the
Vancouver is a great city. It’s actually rated in the top 5
of most livable cities in the world. I can see why.
I could easily be a west coaster since they love
soy/almond milk, they love recycling /saving the planet
and they prefer to walk/bike/run/roller blade to where they’re
going. Yeah- I made all these observations in 36 hours.
But be warned- it spits a lot here. It actually rains more than
a foot per year than Seattle. Which brings me to my next
Question: Ever been to Vancouver? Seattle? West Coast?
What are your opinions?

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