Seattle is cool

I’m packing it up and shipping up to
Boston. This trip is almost dunzo.
My 36 hours spent in Seattle has been
enthralling. Yeah- sense the sarcasm. Don’t get
me wrong, Seattle is cool. But I am tired. Beyond
tired. After that fun time in the ER and the other
mishaps on the trip, I’m ready to slam into my bed
and make sweet love to it… aka sleep.
I did make a little time for the sights!
Original Starbucks!

They were tossing these babies around.

Elephant garlic?!? It was the size of my hand.

Some views from the space needle.
Does this look familiar? This is Seattle Grace from Grey’s!
It’s actually a tv studio and it didn’t feel like McDreamy was
around the corner.
Today I had meetings all morning/afternoon. Once
I finished I figured it was a good idea to visit the market
one last time and do my own food crawl.
It included 6 mini donuts, 1 french baked good and
Good lord. My belly is full. So that counted as
my lunch and dinner. Now I’m pounding some
drinks before my flight tonight. By drinks I mean
plenty of water so I’m hydrated and can catch a cat 
nap. See you kids on the east coast.

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