Running Hangover

I’ve got a serious running hangover. The kind that

has kicked the sh*t out of me. I’ve the post race

plague and have been fighting like hell.


Here is how I’m fighting it.


Pizza. This was my post race awesomeness.

I visited All Star Pizza since it just recently opened

in my neighborhood. I inhaled two slices.


I went to trivia. Me and Laura picked Dead Last as our team name.

Except the problem is- we came in 3rd place. Beat that you

Harvard alums. 


Green Smoothies. I added almond milk, protein powder, pineapple,

spinach and chia seeds to mine. It has been a good little hangover

cure for me.

And finally- I’ve been reading a million articles on the science

of running. After I noticed I was getting a little sick, I decded

to investigate. Yeah, I could easily blame it on sitting in a van

with 5 other sweaty, smelly runners. But, I’m going to blame it

on a few other factors. Runner’s World recently had an article

online the Post-Race Cold. Basically it states that in the 80’s everyone

was blaming their illness on a weakened immune system and upper respitory

tract infection. But recently a new study was performed regarding the post-race

cold and found that is more likely we should be blaming allergies. The article 

goes on to discuss the J curve between exercise and immunity and it finishes with the

best part- Beer provides health-enhancing polyphenols. So the moral of this story-

eat lots of carbs, take some colds meds and drink plenty of beer. Happy


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