Where the Buffalo Roam


I love Colorado. It’s easy to see why. Amazing views, fantastic scenery

and it doesn’t hurt that the nickname of Denver is “Menver.” They’ve earned

this title for sure. I am going to make the bold statement that Colorado

is my favorite state in the U.S of A baby. Brandon- please add to places

I’d like to live.


I started this little adventure in Denver by checking out the sites. I did

make a pit stop for BerryLine a time or 6 but that’s besides the point.

Denver is pretty cool. They have 10 professional sports teams and

more micro-breweries than any other US city. Again- a reason why

CO rocks.


They encourage everyone to sit down and play some music on the street!

That is pretty cool. I am digging it.


It was game day for the Rockies when I was exploring and I considered

going to the game until I realized how bored I would be by myself.

Sure- I’d meet a man or 10 but there were no guarantees with this and

it was guarnteed I’d spend too much on beer. So I opted out but still

walked around the park. The area is so beautiful!



I’ve also been taking in some local beer. Left Hand is one of my favs and I had

no idea it was from CO!!! This was not the milk stout but it was the Nitro Stout

and pretty freaking good.


I’m heading to Moab tomorrow and then on to Salt Lake City this weekend.

I have no concept of what day or time it is. Traveling is messing with my head.

But I do hope to see some more real Bison on this trip. But these will

have to do for now.


On a side note- if you are a runner I encourage you to participate in

the Summer Running Streak by Runner’s World. If you are late to start-

no worries! The important thing is to start! I did and I encountered a sweet

bloody nose out here from the altitude. Awesome! Check out the deets here. And

participate in the fun on twitter or facebook by using #RWRunStreak! Hope to see

you out there!

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