Desert living- Moab

I’m writing from Salt Lake City where I have a nice little break.

Not much is going on here so let us rewind to my time in

Moab. Moab is not only beautiful-

It’s also filled with lots of good looking men. Let’s rename Moab (the trend of this trip).

Men-with-abs. I think it works. Now if you know me, you

know that I love Nerdy men and uber outdoorsy men. Well,

you can guess what type they are out here. I really admire the life they live.

They live the summers in Moab rafting, biking and guiding. They spend

the winters in Colorado being ski instructors/ski bums. It is a lifestyle I simply

adore. My parents would be horrified at this idea of living this way for me.

But I kind of dig it.


Getting back to Moab- I spent the day in Arches National park checking

out some of the arches. There are around 2,000 in the park so

it would simply impossible to see them all. And it was about 95 degrees

out there so I couldn’t stand to be out there much longer.

The arches were amazing. I was able to do a little hiking around to check them out.

At one point, I thought I was wondering aimlessly around the desert. Turns out

it was a trail but barely. There were few markings to guide me. I’m lucky I didn’t

end up on one of those reality rescue shoes.

I was even able to capture some photos of myself out there.
Mostly I look confused in all of them because the sun was in my eyes.

I’m off to enjoy a little bit of Salt Lake City.

Tomorrow I’m off to Jackson Hole. One of my favorite places to visit!

Do you have a favorite US city/town/site you visit?


Enjoy your Saturday!

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