I’m going to Jackson…again.

I came. I saw. I conquered. Jackson. Again.

Have you ever been to Jackson, WY? No?!? You are really missing out.

I was so happy to visit Jackson again this year.

Some of the most beautiful scenery is out here.

And you can meet some wild animals new friends.

The journey started on a great note. Remember  the movie “A Walk to Remeber?”

Welp- I got to be two places at once. Before I got a butterfly tattoo in

the backseat of my boyfriend’s car.

Boom.  How cool is that?

We made it to Jackson in time to visit the Grand Tetons. And they sure are Grand.

We also visited Jenny Lake.

This year I made sure I took some time for Horseback riding and hiking in Sandals. Great combo out here.

It might be wise to think about foot wear once in awhile.

The following day I hit up Yellowstone. It was more adventurous than

last year! The day was filled with geysers, hot springs and bison blockings.

Jackson Hole is the bomb. It seriously rocks. It’s a great little city that has

boomed over the years. Filled with lots of attractive and active people.

The west has a lot going on out here. Wide open spaces my friends.

Get out hear while it’s still wild and the volcano below Yellowstone


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