Back in Boston and it feels so good.

 I have arrived back in Boston safely. It was a great trip. But

it really feels good to be home and in my own bed.

I finished my trip out with Cody, Sheridan and Rapid City.

America sure has a lot to see.

Here are some highlights from my latest travels.


The Colorado Plains.


The awesomeness of arches.


Moab and the men of Moab.


Being in two places at once.


Jackson. One of my favorite places on earth to visit.


The Tetons.


Everybody wants a buffalo.


Little Bighorn. My first visit to Montana.


Devil’s Tower.

Mt. Rushmore.


 A beautiful quote.

The trip was great. We have an insanely beautiful country.

People often are just trying to get out of America and

see the world. You forget- the US is part of the world

and we have so many things that were created by nature, not by

man. So get out there and see if before the volcanoes below

Yellowstone erupt and before the other parks completely

erode away. Get moving.

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