A Whirlwind Tour

I live a whirlwind lifestyle these days.

You could say I’m on a whirlwind tour.

It includes living out of a suitcase, hanging with

friends, family and welcoming the day when I can

sit still for at least a week… or more.

I had my fun out west. I had my fun spending

in Boston. With friends.

With beer.

I spent some time in Maine catching up with my rents

and with George! You may have noticed he’s been a little

absent from my life. Well- while I am traveling he is spending

some time at my parents with his boyfriend, Bruno.

He is having a nice little vacation there.

We all share a little peanut butter on the couch.

And enjoyed some walks.

After our walk I was in need for breakfast… badly!

I whipped up a batch of banana oatmeal pancakes.

Slapped some peanut butter on top. Delicious!

We had a little BBQ today to celebrate Father’s Day.

My dad had to work tonight but we got some celebrating in

and I got to hang out with this peach.

It was nice to spend some time at home. It was short

lived but luckily we have the 4th right around the corner

and I can head to Maine for the week.

Now before I hit the hay for the night here is the

best part of the day:

That is Fruit Pebble flavored Fro-yo. Boom.

Please go to Berryline immediately because you’ll

just die of happiness once you eat this.

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