I’ve been missing

I’ve been missing. For a few weeks now. So let’s catch

up shall we? I’ve been busy. Like living out of a suitcase busy.

I traveled out west… spent 7 days in Boston and then went

to Switzerland for work. I spent a week and half there and

then spent a weekend in Berlin. I finished up all my traveling

by heading to Maine to spend the holiday there. And collect

my child dog.


The best way to recap and get reacquainted is by photos.

Don’t you think? Ok – go.


The beautiful Lucerne.


Me and Miriam hiking in the alps.


I was happy to make it to the top!


My ideal meal.


Swimming in the lake. First timer here!


We made it to Berlin and I made it to the beer!


Seeing the sights of Berlin.


Just having some fun on the train.


Drinking the green drank.


George and his love.


Break dancing to Chris Brown.


Double fisting chocolate.


My little Michael Phelps. This girl can swim! Look at that focus!



So that’s what I’ve been doing in a nut shell. It’s been busy but

I’m glad to be back to real life. So stick around. I’m blogging again.

And it’s summer. Maybe the summer of love. Ok probably not

but it’s definitely the summer of good times.

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