Single Girl Swag

After a 3 day bender I am currently detoxing.

For me that means eating lots of whole foods like

fruits, veggies and good sources of protein. Will I

eliminate chocolate? Hell no. It is natural

and comes from the earth.

I will say the bender was worth it. After a long break

with Boston (we were fighting but decided we should

give it another go) it was good to get back into the swing

of things and hang with friends. The break ended and thus

started the return of the single girl swag. I’m baaaaaack.

What is single girl swag you ask?

For me it’s feeling good about myself and feeling

confident and secure in my own skin. Yeah- I’m not

the skinniest and I might not be the prettiest girl in town.

But I am pretty effing awesome, fun and I’ll make you laugh

your pants right off. No joke.

The swag is back. Men take note. Hope I don’t get into too

much trouble.


The  swag started on Thursday. With an oldie but a goodie.

Fun was had at DTX block party. It’s a fun time and the

crowd was bigger than usual. We had some sweet $2 beers.

Took our usual color blocking photo.


We had too much fun with the handcuffs.


Somehow, I survived another DTX. Luckily, I felt good on

Friday as I already had plans to see some of the other

lady friends.

We hit up Five Horses in Davis. I ate some hummus

and drank beer. Quality meal all around. We sat and drank

and chatted away.


 We finished the night at the Burren to bust some moves.

And I ran into an old friend!


Saturday I woke up and somehow still didn’t feel like death.

I dragged myself to the gym to put in some mileage and burn

off some beer. I knew I had one more night left in me.

I met up Jillian and Co. and we made some moves.

We went to landing to split some buckets of Corona’s.

Now I warn you- no one can look good in 90 degree weather.

With this in mind me and Jillian still proceeded to take 100 photos

to send to Maggie telling her Kenya sucks and we miss her.

For some reason I am sad but Jillian is happy?

It was a weird night and nothing really crazy happened.

We did hang with some friends so that was reason enough

to get out for the night.


The lesson I learned from the weekend is-

I apparently still have an early 20’s something

trapped in this body screaming to get out once in

awhile. I unleash her and with it comes the ultimate single

lady moves. And I ain’t mad about. This could be the summer

of “How Kandi got her groove back.”


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