All hail the Half-Mary

That’s right kids. I’ve made the ultimate commitment.

I’m running a half-marathon. A marathon has been on

my bucket list but let’s be real, I’m just not there

yet. Yeah, I completed my 15 miles in a relay race. But my

legs paid a big price. So, after working with a

physical therapist and my chiropractor I’m confident

I’ll actually finish.

How do I get ready for races?

I get a training list on

I use smart coach. It’s really helpful to get a plan

together. I also clean up my diet. I have a real

sweet tooth. That’s no secret. I love chocolate

and my cravings are out of control. Luckily, I also

love real foods.

Breakfast Quinoa

Lots of healthy greens. Luckily, I have a great farmers market

and I love to stock up.

New to me items. I bought this Metch with my hummus

today from the market. It is unreal and super tasty.

Big salads, water and delicious fruit.

I love salads because I like to beef them up.. without beef.

I put a veggie burger, egg, black beans and TJ’s goddess

dressing on this one. With a side of watermelon.

Perfect clean lunch in my opinion.

I’m off to walk George and possibly get him a new collar.

His BF doesn’t like when he wears one so it might

have to wait til I’m back from my next trip.

Question: What do you do to get ready for a big event? What

kind of diet do you follow?

One thought on “All hail the Half-Mary

  1. I usually follow the ‘eat whatever is in front of me’ diet leading up to a big event. As for getting ready? Just make sure I train a lot so that I feel prepared on the day…. usually. 🙂 Good luck on your half, they’re not that scary!

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