Is this about my awesome life?

You might wonder sometimes what this

blog is about. Is it about eating? Is it about working

out? Or is it about how awesome my life is. Yep-

it’s about my awesome life. In order to make this one

life awesome, I like to keep things interesting and adventurous.

It’s just who I am. So lately this adventure has taken me to signing

up for the dreaded half-marathon. But I’m going to slay this

thing. And I’m pretty sure some more awesome things

are on the horizon.

Life is awesome with the help of Coffee.

This stuff is crack for your soul. I finally tried the

Peanut Butter Wonderful because Tina had mentioned

it’s awesomeness a few times. Yep- crack. Addiction at

first sip. Holy Hell- I’d drive days for this stuff.

Coffee fuels me as does some serious amazing food.

An amazing salad from Life Alive. Per Usual.

The Sufi Poet. Get it!

This face makes my life better.

So life is good. All the positive awesome things are

going to make the hard things easy peasy.

The hardest thing now is concentrating on my training.

Life is fun and busy. I tend to juggle a lot of things.

Tonight I had a run to do and I was meeting with friends for

food. So I ran to meet them and finished my run after.

Here is training this week. Nothing too crazy.

Monday- Easy Run 3 miles

Tuesday- Cross Training

Wednesday- 4 miles

Thursday- Cross Training

Friday – Cross Training

Saturday- Run- Color Run 5K

Sunday- rest day

Life is good. And it’s going to keep being awesome.

Question: How do you keep your awesome life? How do

you juggle life?


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