A healthy balance is key

When you run in your backyard and this is the view-

It makes getting out there a little easier.

My legs don’t always agree and this 4-miler felt like 12.

My legs just ache these days. Nothing I can’t roll out.

I’ve been foam rolling a lot to get the kinks out.

I’ve been fueling. A lot.

I had some seriously awesome guacamole and pizza from Emma’s.

Weird combo I know. But their guac is killer.

This morning- Scrambled Pancake.

I used Tina’s recipe. And then added my own spin


1 banana

1 egg

1 tbsp PB

1 scoop protein powder

1 tbsp chia seeds.

I topped with strawberries and more peanut butter.

I’ve got serious addictions to nut butter. Mostly

PB and Almond Butter. I can’t get enough!!

The real point of this post. As a woman we tend

to worry about our weight, our figure, the way something

fits and we constantly compare ourselves to other woman.

In my mind- big no no. Worrying all the time

about every calorie I put in my body is tiresome.

The first time I felt this stress was in high school and up until

this point, I never though twice about the way my body looked.

I’d like to go back to the time and slap myself and say

“Keep eating ice cream while you can! Don’t put that hamburger down!:

You can see- I eat pretty normal foods. I usually follow the 90/10

rule. I eat healthy 90 percent of the time and 10 percent of the

time I indulge. But let’s be realistic. Some days- that rule is more like 60/40

or even 50/50 or heaven forbid 30/70! It took a long time to get to a

point where I stopped worrying. I’d say the switch happened at 25.

Food is delicious. And I want to enjoy it and not deprive myself. The old

me would have never eaten pizza and if I did- I’d beat myself up for hours.

But- Life is too fun and way too short. So go for a run and celebrate

your victory with a little something. My choice- beer. A healthy balance

is key.

(Disclaimer- I had just got off a 7hr overnight flight)

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