The perfect hangover cure.

I had a fun filled yet easy going weekend.

I spent Friday relaxing and watching the Olympics

like everyone else in the world. Saturday was spent

with my number one man.

ImageWe did the park thing in the am and he got some

serious swimming time in. I love that face and those

perky ears!


I spent the rest of the day running errands for my trip

to Alaska. I’m still not done packing. So I should get

to that ASAP. Do you think Alaska has a Walmart or two?

I might be missing a few things.


Saturday included some bevs and dancing

with friends. Unfortunately, I had to wake up early

for a 5k. On no sleep- I rallied.

ImageWe got on the shuttle. I buckled up.



We were ready. Ok kind of. The rain was really a bummer.

It was cold and I had a feeling it would make the color really

hang on for dear life.


ImageBut the rain stopped. I was ready.


We “accidentally” got color everywhere before the

race started.







We got separated during the race. Now I’m going to be honest.

This didn’t feel like a 5k. And if it actually was- than I ran

real fast. But I saw the finish and sprinted. I drank a little

too much water before the run soooo I was heading straight

for the nearest bathroom.



I was so happy to be finished. I stocked up on larabars

and water asap. 

ImageThis is me dumping all the loot out of my sports bra. Yup-

handy place to hold things. Oh- I also donated my shoes so

I had to hang out barefoot.



We finished. We had fun. It was the perfect hangover cure.

Drink too much beer? Run a 5k with friends. It worked for me.

Now that I got my running out of the way- I for reals need to pack.


Do I exercise when I travel? In short- yes. Most of

the time. If the hotel has a gym- I’m in at least once a day.

If there’s no gym- my running shoes are packed and I try

and run a few times a week. Sometimes- I’m not great

at keeping my schedule. Schedules can be unpredictable

so I make the best of it and I don’t beat myself up over it.

My hiking boots are also packed for this trip. So, that

will be part of my exercise on this trip.






I saw this quote when I was picking up dinner. It was fitting.

It’s a little blurry but it says-

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”


My courage is pretty great these days. And I’m about

to go and tear it up in Alaska. I’m hoping I can see Russia

from one of the hotels.




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