Who’s afraid of the big bad bear?

So if you were wondering where the hell I’ve been.

I was in Alaska! It was some kind of wonderful. I went for a

couple days for work and then my dad met me. We traveled the

Kenai Peninsula together. We hiked, fished and walked a lot!

I’ve never seen more wildlife.

Them are bears. This is a real bad pic as I was trying

to zoom in.

Free willy. Them be killer whales.

Sea Lions!

The animals were great. And so were the glaciers.

I danced on them with Dad.

We hiked them. It was so incredible!

And there was a lot of fish. Fish that I watched then ate.

Then there was the fish we caught on a boat.

I now have 13lbs of fish in the freezer. If anyone knows a good

halibut recipe please let me know! I’ve got a few filets to eat.

Alaska was amazing but it was nice to come home.

It’s been a crazy summer of travel.  But if you are in the

market for a trip and need any tips- ask away! Especially if you

are interested in Alaska.

It’s pretty awesome.

I’m now going to watch the closing ceremony. I love watching the

Olympics. My favorite olympic moment was definitely gymnastics

and Men’s swimming… for obvious reasons.

Do you have a favorite event?


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