Call me maybe?

I had a work party in Newport Thursday into Friday.

We had a great time. It was a quick drive down. We had no

trouble entertaining ourselves in the car singing “Call me Maybe”

at least one hundred times.


We arrived. Changed. And hit the deck!


We sailed around for two hours and had some bevs on the boat.

Then we ate this delicious feast.


It was delicious! Newport is beautiful!


We had some serious fun. And Saturday night I hit up a Sangria Party.

Yes. A sangria party. Best idea ever.


Everyone made either a white or red. Then everyone voted on best

red and best white and best secret ingredient. It was amazing. Best idea



I had a lot of fun with Joe and Emily taste testing. seriously-

BEST party idea ever. Might be stealing it for my own bday.

Today I took George for a nice long walk with Emily and her beast,

Auggie. We talked about our freakish dogs and life. Pretty typical.

We parted ways and I realized something after talking to

Ashly. I think 80% of the men in Boston have my phone number.

And probably a lot of other ladies. How many of them have used it?

Like 10%. Now my question is- why get the number if you have no

intention to use it? So dudes- Don’t ask unless you have every

intention to use it. It’s a waste of your time asking and

my time pretending you’re going to call and making excuses for you.

Unless, of course, you are trying to thicken your little black book.


image source


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