LLL of the week.

  Love.Lust.Lunch. Not just the name of this blog. But also
the theme of today’s post.
Fall. Boots. Jeans. Sweaters. I’m going crazy
for fall weather and my wallet is going to cry.. very soon.
perfect fall day
I’m lusting after a little girls vaca with my friends. I think we
picked the place. Savannah, GA. Like a little New Orleans
I’ve been to Savannah before this past December.
I’m thinking it would be a fun place to hang.
Today’s lunch rocked. Ok- I could eat burritos all day. Every day.
I actually went with the chicken plate. Killer! So delicious.
And lunch with friends is always a plus.
I’ve got to finish two more days of work here. Then-
I’m off to Lake George with fabulous friends.
We always have fun together. Andddd my man is coming.
I know. I know. You’re wondering who the mystery man
is and why I haven’t mentioned him. Well here he is.
We are looking forward to a little R&R.

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