Staying on track

Woah. I’m once again sorry for my absence.

It has been a heck of a week.

I did restaurant week with my gal pals.

We hit up Henrietta’s Table.

Good food. Good company as always.

Unreal salad.

Unreal friends.

Unreal fun.

I then headed to Maine for the long weekend to enjoy some time

with friends and family. It was a little too much enjoyment and I didn’t

get all my running in. It was a trade off that made sense for me.

Friends > running.

This brings up a really important point. What do you do to

get back on track after a bender?

For me- this summer has kind of been a bender. I’ve had

mornings where I don’t feel so hot and I feel a little bloated.

But I have a half-marathon to look forward and that keeps me

on track no matter what else is going on. While I was in Maine, I

tried to make time to squeeze in running and walking. I make sure I’m

getting plenty of water and veggies in my life… even if it is chased

by a slice of pizza. Summer is rough but Fall is here. And with it

comes ideal running weather, beautiful new clothes and for me- less


My advice to getting/staying back on track:

1- Set a Goal- For me this was a half marathon. Training for

something keeps me going.

2- Salads, fresh veggies and whole foods- even if you have a slice of

pizza, don’t beat yourself up! Just pair it with a large salad.

3- Water!- Drink plenty of water. Flush out the bad and rehydrate.

4- Move yourself- Move your body. Sometimes it means taking the dogs

for a 3 miles walk. It’s better than nothing!

So with that- it’s time to set some new goals.

Here are mine:

1- Finish my half-marathon in under 2hrs.

2- Lose the booze- summer is over. Let’s slow down

the drinking.

3- Get back into the gym and lift weights.

What kind of goals do you have?


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