I knocked them …


I had 5 miles to do today. I put all my clothes out

so that when I got home I couldn’t skip out.

I knocked them out of the park. Ok- it was actually

slower than I hoped but I’m a work in progress.

I came home to this face. He was ticked I wouldn’t

share my dinner.


I’m sorry I’m not sorry. It was too good to share.

I love shaving zucchini and using it as pasta. Yeah-

sounds weird but yet amazing. Admit it- you’re curious. Low carb. Tasty.


Plus it’s easier than shaving my legs so I was down.

I shaved the zucchini. I gave it a close shave.

Cooked it with some olive oil, s+p and garlic. Rock on.


I poured some delicious Chana Masala over my zucchini. Chick peas

in an indian sauce. Can’t be beat it my friends. Easy dinner means I’m

a happy lady.

I’ve got 2 miles on tap for tomorrow and 8 on Saturday. That 8 miler

might get the boot til Sunday. TBD.

I’m off to rot my brain with a solid hour of E! Later!


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