A boozey agenda

I had an insane weekend. It included a wedding extravaganza

and a brunch themed pub crawl through our neighborhood.

I know what your thinking, there have been a lot of booze

related activities on the agenda lately. You would be right.

I’m hoping it slows down as my body is really starting to hurt.

It was worth it but I’m happy to say I have a low-key week ahead.

For the wedding portion, Katie was my date.

I’m doing a booty pop here.

There were cocktails. A few of them.

The venue was beautiful. We were at the Red Barn.

And the couple was even more beautiful.

It was such a fantastic day celebrating with friends.

I came back early on Saturday morning for a pub crawl.

Alex is the newest addition to the apartment and it was time

to show her the awesomeness of Union Square. I think she

enjoyed it.

There were some interesting cocktails along the journey.

Alex definitely enjoyed it.

Today I knew I had to do something crazy.

I had to run 8 miles. Straight through. And guess what?

I did it. I freaking did it! It kind of sucked… I won’t lie.

But in order to get me through these long runs,

I’ve started to listen to NPR radio’s program “Wait, Wait Don’t

Tell Me.” It’s good stuff. It keeps me entertained and also occupies

my brain while running. So much so that I forget I’m running.

Ok- not completely. But a little bit.

So I ran 8 miles. I took my peanut for a 3 mile walk as well.

He loved it. I can’t believe how big he has gotten!

I’m hoping he will eventually be able to join me on

the shorter runs. But he currently tangles around my legs

and freaks out if someone rides by on a bike.

So for now my runs are a solo thing. I am taking applications

for a sexy man running mate until George is ready. A little

man candy could certainly keep my pace strong.


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