Something New

I did something new today.

It wasn’t a hairstyle.


It wasn’t dinner.

Dinner was another turkey burger with avocado.

It wasn’t the “I’m hungry face” George likes to give.

I was at the gym today for my cross training day.

I walked in ready to rock that elliptical for 20 mins.

However, every one was taken. Bummer. What was I going

to do?!?

I decided today was the day to get back into spinning.

The best spin bikes ever! I could get in a quick 20 min

workout before pumping some iron.

I used one of the videos the machine offers.

I rocked it for 20 minutes and got in 6 miles.

It felt good. It was a challenge. Sometimes we get in a

groove with our favorite machines. But after awhile

it gets easy. Too easy and you need to break out of the

rut and try something new. It’s hard- don’t get me wrong.

I love that freaking elliptical. But kids- the key is changing it

up. Keep your body guessing!

Science is a powerful thing. It proves that in order to keep

building a beautiful body, you’ve got to change it up.

So get to the gym, pick a new machine and try something

new. Even if it’s only for 10 minutes. Anyone can do

10 minutes!


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