Love, Lust and Lunch of the week

Ok- before we get down to business.

I just have to say I’m obsessed with X-Factor.

But why does Brit Brit always look angry?


Why so angry Brit Brit?!?!

Anyways, I’m digging the show and all its feel good

vibes. Lots of great stories that give me goosebumps.

Alright- on to the main event.



The fall TV line up. Yep- I love TV. I love to rot

my brain out and watch it before bed. It’s the best.

Well- tis the season for the greatest TV. I like to watch

Once Upon a Time, Glee, Grey’s, Modern Family

and almost every reality show you can think of.



The Alice and Olivia Fashion Show in NY.

How do the designers do this to us? Get us excited

for a season that is not even within fingertips reach. So

now instead of looking forward to fall clothes, sweaters and boots-

I’m looking forward to the brights, shapes and silhouettes of spring’13.



Taco pizza. Sans the beef. But this is on the

lunch menu for the weekend. I’ve got an 8 miler

on the schedule so a pizza cheat is definitely on my

agenda to follow that baby.

What are you loving, lusting and/or lunching?

These are just a few of mine. My list is usually

pretty ridiculous so I have to limit it for reading purposes.

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