Running. Eating and oh, eating.

2 week countdown to the half-mary. So let’s talk

running. And eating. Oh the eating.

Raspberries and almond butter. Good lord. I ate

an entire pint of raspberries after my 8 miler on Saturday.

I slayed the run and had an average pace of 8:53. Not the

speed I was hoping for but it’s getting there. I might want to

get there before the race!

And let’s talk about this. Oh this glorious creation!

I saw Nikki’s online and honestly bought it on a whim.

I had to get in on that. And by get in, I mean my spoon.

I ordered the cake batter and it arrived today. I was home

to walk George and ripped open the package. Ok- the lid was

off the jar. I was a little worried it was like halloween candy and I shouldn’t

eat it since it was open. But my mom wasn’t around and

there was no way in hell I was not going to eat it! HEAVEN!!!!

Angels sang and the skies parted. MY GOD!

Ok- I’m composed again. So food has been good. No problems

there as long as I have raspberries and coconut butter on hand.


See that person that looks like they are going to fall over?

That’s basically how I’ve been feeling. Like falling on my face

and sleeping. But I’m still at it. It’s as easy as one foot in front

of the other.

I get through every run and while it usually sucks…

It feels so good to finish. This is normal! It’s proven science

that the first mile to two miles is hard. Like really hard. So bad you

want to stop. But you don’t. You push past the wall and keep going.

Then you hit mile 4 or 5 or 6 and you feel like freaking superman.

You did it. You pushed past the wall and now you’re on the way

to running that half mary!

This is the thinking process I go through anyways.

So this week I’ve got some running to do. Here’s the sched:

Monday- 2 miles

Tuesday- Cardio + weights

Wednesday- 5 miles

Thursday- 2 miles

Friday- Cardio + weights

Saturday- 9 or 10 miles

Sunday- off.

How is your running? What are you eating and oh, eating?

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