The Runner’s Diet

I talk a lot about what I’m eating. There isn’t

much room for what I’m not eating. Mostly because

it would be boring because there isn’t much I don’t eat.

But now I’m training. And running a lot. Now let’s debunk

a myth or two. Ok just room for one tonight.

Myth: You will lose weight when training for a race.

Truth: You might gain weight when training for a race.

You run a lot of miles. But- you eat a lot of food.

While I try to keep it really healthy in this bod, it’s not

always what’s happening. When you get home from an 8

mile run- you start eating everything in sight. Doesn’t matter

if it’s a salad, muffin or small child. Or all three.

I try to keep it 80-90% good for me foods. Food is

really fuel for life. So if I’m running, I have to fuel the run.

Sure- sugar is great but you need good carbs and lots of protein

to rebuild your muscles and keep you lean.

Tonight’s fuel was a veggie burger with avocado, kale chips

and a banana with almond butter for a little treat.

I will say temptation kicks in sometimes. Especially

when you leave the gym and Chipotle suddenly moved

in overnight.

It’s blurry. But that white, heavenly light is the sign.

I swear it wasn’t there on Sunday!

The moral of the story is: You might not lose weight when

training for a half-mary/full mary. Don’t freak out. I’ve gained

5lbs in the process and was horrified at first. But the tradeoff is- I’m in

fantastic shape and I’m ok with it. When the race is over and my

eating habits don’t mirror that of a sumo wrestler, the weight

will come right off. So I’m not freaking out and neither should you.

What do you do to keep the pesky pounds away? What is your running diet?

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