Welcome to the Taper Zone

I’ve entered the Taper Zone. Let me tell you- I’m

thrilled about this. I knew I had to finish one more

long run and that was it til the race. I set out for a 9 miler.

Well- 3 miles my GPS malfunctioned and I had no idea what

my distance was. Not good.

So I finished the run with 8 miles under my belt. Welp.

It would have to do. I’m now in the taper zone.

Typically for a half marathon it should start 2 weeks out and

3 weeks for a full marathon. Well my schedule gives me one

week of the taper. It means- low mileage a couple times this week

and the start of the carbo load.

I am so down with taper time. The point is to rest your body

but keep your legs warm so when race day is here- you are in

the best possible shape. It’s not the time to make up mileage

you missed. You’ll only risk injury and be pissed at yourself for doing it.

So taper on. Each some carbs this week. Drink electrolytes. Get in

the protein. Get 2 or 3 runs in. No more than 3 to 4 miles. Don’t kill

yourself. Relax. Go for a walk. Make up for lost time. See friends.

See family. Stay calm and taper on.

I’m off to volunteer at Life is Good today. I was there yesterday

and it was great.

Volunteering also includes 

Beer. A key to recovery.

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday! What do you have on agenda today?

I’ll be jamming out to some live music today.

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