You should know… I’m a creep

It’s been a busy week over here already.

You know that I’m tapering. You know I’m carbo

loading for my race. This has been fun. Eating as much as

my little heart desires. Sounds good to me.

I spent the weekend volunteering at Life Is Good Festival.

It was a ton of fun. Live music. Beer. And Musicians.

Lots of great music. Great vibes. And Dave.

Dave Matthews killed it. I had never seen him live before.

But was delighted to see him in action.

This week has been a lot of celebrating. Celebrating the groundbreaking

of a new building for the company I work for. It meant

free food from the food trucks, beer and live music.

Are you sensing a theme to my week?

Drinks at the bar to celebrate.

Photo booth pics to show our best faces.

A nutella and strawberry crepe from the Paris Creperie truck.

This was a highlight of the day!

And this.

You should know.. I’m a creep. And when I saw an opening

to Passion Pit’s tent- I went in. Literally. I walked in.

They were pretty good and I had known little about them

prior to this little at work concert. It was a cool acoustic set and

pretty mellow. But I liked them.

I finished the night with an event downtown that I had seen online.

It was a burger breakdown at the Beehive. It was pretty cool.

Again free beer and burgers!

We tried 3 different burgers and some Amstel light.
It was a nice low-key event to finish off the day.

I’ve already hit the gym this morning and have plans

for a baby run tomorrow to keep my legs warm.

The days are numbered until my race! I can’t believe

it’s almost here!

Question: Any last minute tips for my race?

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