It was the night before the race

And I’m all through this house eating everything in

sight. But mostly good. I’m fueling.

Steel cut oats with banana, berries, PB and almond milk.

Coffee was obvi on the agenda.

I took George for a long week and rewarded myself

with the worlds best coffee. It really is.

For lunch I ate a really boring, terrible food court salad.

Followed by 3 or 4 Lindt Chocolates. YUM!

I came home for the dinner bell. I had to really fuel. And pound

some serious water. 

It included curried veggies, shrimp and quinoa. Side of eggplant

zucchini. A side salad with strawberries and goat cheese. FUELED

up. I got my snacks all packed.

I’ll be fueling with swedish fish, banana’s and of course, water.

I’m ready. My nerves are starting to kick in but I know I can

do this.

Me and Emily are ready to kill this race. I’m off to bed

to slay some sleep.

See you kids tomorrow with a race recap!

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