When 8 turned to 4

Recovering is hard. Almost as hard as training.

After the race, I took a nap, ate food and walked George.

I woke up on Monday- my legs could not bend. It was rough.

Tuesday- could kind of bed my legs. And Wednesday- I went to

the gym and did some stretching and hopped on the elliptical.

As for eating. I’ve eaten everything except a small child.

I recovered with beer with friends.

I had lots of pale oats.

PB and raspberries.

Lots of tea.

I’ve been so hungry that I’ve been trying to curb the appetite. It’s

not working.

So- I also eat some fro-yo here and there.

I can’t help myself.

Yesterday I tried to go for an 8 mile run.

I mean I did just run a half marathon so I should be capable

of a little 8 mile run.

I hit a wall as soon as I started! OH MY GOD.

Running is hard! I felt slow. My legs felt like 50lbs weights

holding me back. I knew there was no way of pushing on.

I decided 4 was going to have to do. So I made the turn to do

my 4 mile loop. I still averaged under a 9 mile pace but it felt

much slower. It was so hard.  It was the day 8 turned to 4.

I was frustrated. But I realized that I am recovering and the body

needs some time to get back to where it was. Even with the

frustration I decided to do something crazy.

I’ll be running my first Marathon on February 24th.

21 weeks of training start now. I’ve got a lot of travel

plans in between now and then but it’s about preparing the best

I can and being healthy. Lots of running, stretching and beers

will happen in the coming weeks. I’m going to keep

motivation high and continue to push myself.

“I can do anything I put my mind to.”

I’m off to walk George and get new running kicks.

Question: Have you run a marathon? What advice do you have

for a first timer? 

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