Faux Recovery Mode

I’ve been acting like I’m still recovering. I’m not.

I’ve just been enjoying life.

Wine with friends at cool new spots. Lincoln in Southie. Unreal

pizza and a goat cheese dip to die for. Plus, the ambience

is pretty rad.

High ceilings and wide spaces. Hard to come by in the city.

I’ve also enjoyed a visit from my parents and niece.

I have a birthday this week so we were spending some time

together celebrating. This peach joined the trip and we

had fun like always.

I live in such an awesome city.

Lastly- I was enjoying a baby race. Not a race where you carry

a baby, But a 5K. An Oktoberfest 5K. The kind that involves beer.

I think I did pretty well finishing a little under 25 minutes.

Let’s be real- I run for beer. Don’t you see the trend?

Beer at the finish. Included in the race price. Boom.

And some carbs to refuel.

Pretzels? This party was so German. I was digging it.

I think running with friends is the best. It really makes it

that much better. I finished in 24:57 with an average pace of 8:02.


I came home to walk the beast. The sun was shining and it was beautiful.

It’s been a relaxing week full of faux recovery. But hey, sometimes

you just need to lay low.

Now I have to start thinking about the work week ahead.


What do you do to faux recover?

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