Low lights. Little City

Oh my love, Lucerne. This place is a third home for me.

I come here enough for work that it’s familiar. It feels cozy.

I have my favorite restaurants. Favorite bars. Favorite bakeries.

I’ve got all the spots. Hard not to in such a small town.

I arrived Sunday afternoon to this. A beautiful snowy scene

in Lucerne. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen snow here.


It felt like Christmas. If, of course, Christmas were in late October.

It’s so nice to be here with friends that I don’t see that often.

It really makes you enjoy the time you have with them.


The weather has been so beautiful. This is rare. Pilatus runs the

show around here. But it has been clear for two glorious days.

And the views from the office- not so bad.

This is my kind of day. That is snow on mountains.

And clear, pristine blue water happening.

I can’t get enough of the weather, this place and my friends here.

There is never a trip long enough to enjoy this.


I had lunch with Miriam today. We visited on of my

favorite spots in time. It’s a Lebanese place with great

falafel sandwiches and fresh mint tea. We got the same thing

and enjoyed lunch together. We had our normal life chats as friends

do that includes the “are we happy here” talk. Those always get me.

I constantly change my mind on what I want from life.

Will I stay in Boston? Will I finally move to Colorado like

I want to? Should I move to Lucerne and enjoy a little time

in a European city? I have no clue. Maybe I should flip

a coin?

So before I start making any major life decisions…

I’m going to enjoy the present until a really great opportunity

knocks me off my feet. I’m confident the right thing at the

right time will happen. I’m just a firm believer in this for life

and for love. Timing is everything. For everything.


I’m enjoying my week here and it will be over before I know it.

I’ve gotten in one run (boooo) but I know I should do a couple

more before I head back to Boston. Especially since the running is

incredible. Even at night.

The trails are really well lit. And they almost welcome you

to keep running down them.


Question: How do you make big life decisions? Have you ever had to make

a life altering/uber important one?

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