A hell of a girly getaway

First- I’d like to say that I voted today.

As an American, I find it to be so important and awesome

that we get the opportunity to have a say in the way our country

is run. Sure- there is a lot of money in politics but when it comes down

to it, we pick the people. You have a voice so make the smart choice and use it.


Ok- that’s my piece on voting.


I just got back from a wicked cool trip. Not only was I in Lucerne.

But I was visiting two of my favorite gal pals in Charleston, SC.

We had so much fun.


Me and Katelyn started our journey Friday am bright and early.

We had a 5am flight to Charlotte to meet Nancy pants. She greeted

us at the airport and brought us to her apartment. It’s a sweet place.

We ate some food, showered and hit the road. It’s about a 3hr drive

to Charleston so we found ways to pass the time.


We saw the return of Cave Tot. It was nice to have him back.


The views were incredible.


and the champagne was better  😉


We decided for a more low key night. It included dinner at

the Noisy Oyster and finished with a tour of a haunted jail.

It was the creepiest thing ever. So we called it a night since we

had some early morning plantations to visit!


We started at Middleton Plantation. It was my second time visiting

but still beautiful.

The giant oaks and spanish moss add the southern touch

that most people think of when they think of antebellum south.



Then we visited Drayton Hall which is close by. We thought about

buying the house.

But the price tag was a little crazy. So we opted out and took

a tour instead. It was pretty awesome.


We finished our tours and went downtown for some lunch and

walking around. We ate lunch and then went in search for

something sweet. Instead, we found a sweet wine bar.

This is me. At a wine bar. Drinking beer. Ummm

Yeah. I tend to do that.


We got it together and decided we’d have a wild night out.

Just one since we’re old. We got dressed and headed out.

We had dinner at a place called Mercato. It was awesome.

Italian food and live jazz. YESSSSSS!


Then we headed out to get a little crazy. Which we did. So

I only got one photo of the action.

This is it. Eat your heart out.


Sunday morning we packed it up. We went for brunch

at Poogan’s Porch. Then we hung out basking in the sun before

we had to head back to Charlotte.


We spent the night together just catching up and enjoying

each other’s company. We get pedi’s, ate food and made fun

of each other. It was glorious.


But alas, things cannot last. We had to part ways on Monday night.

It was a bummer but we’ll see each other again over Thanksgiving weekend.

Charleston was good to us. I still love it there. And

I’m already planning our next girl’s getaway.


Question: Do you plan getaways with friends?

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