A real life routine

The season is upon on us. You know. The one with

red cups and snowflakes dancing from the ceiling?

I recently was in need of the red cup and what came in it.

I went with something new. A cafe latte with soy. YUM! I love

espresso and I love how bold it is. I need an espresso maker ASAP.


Besides drinking coffee, I’m settling back into my life at home.

George is back with me after a crazy, eventful night at my parents trying

to capture him after he got loose. He is a little crazy sometimes but

we love him anyways.



Getting back in the swing of things also means getting

back into a routine. My routine includes running and eating right.

Both are hard to do when you travel abroad or with friends.

You want to indulge in food, life and adult bevs. EEK.

That never goes over well. Ok- it goes well because it’s fun

but coming back to reality is the not fun part.


I’m still on top of the running regiment for the marathon. The

weather is making it hard though. I’ve been doing lots of reading

and research for cold running. The big question- how to dress for the cold?

You should dress as if it’s 15 degrees warmer than it is outside.

Your body temperature will warm up pretty quickly once you

get going. You don’t want to over dress. It’s a great idea to get

“throw away” clothes from Goodwill or Salvation Army. That way you

can strip down the layers as you run the race. Plus- it’s actually a good deed.

After races, crews collect the clothing and donate them to Goodwill/Salvation Army.

Win. Win.



Today I went for a nice 7 miler. Not the 14 I had on the schedule

but it was good since I went out last night.

Sometimes you find humor in using your own hair as a mustache.


And sometimes you hang out with old friends and act like

you’re still in college. Oops. Sorry that we’re not sorry?


Question: What do you do to get back in your real life routine?


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