A bucket list before you kick the bucket

When you’re 16 you know everything.

Right? No? Really?!?! Are you sure?

Well, I thought I did. And when I was wise I made a bucket list.

One I just found. EEK! So check it out.


1- become a doctor/nurse– this didn’t happen. I’m pretty happy about it. Life

takes you in unexpected directions. Somehow it always works out.

2- change someones life- I have no idea if this has happened. I’m sure someday

I’ll change someones and my own.

3- get a tattoo- never happened. I’m still ok with my decision not to. If it happens,

it happens.

4- get married- really? At 16 I was thinking of this? Yikes! But there is still time

and hope for me. Just ask my niece.

5- run the Boston marathon- well, I’m not running Boston but I am running

a marathon so I’m going to take it.


6- make money- I’m trying?

7- be successful- this can be taken so many different ways. To me, I am

successful in life, love and friends. I mean- I have this face to look at and

he loves doing yoga with me. I’m a lucky gal.


8- bungee jump/skydive- sadly, I have not done either! It’s

still on the list. It will happen!

9- go to Rome- I did this! A few times and I’m so lucky I got to. I even

went and studied Italian.


10- be happy- I’m doing a good job at this. Life is good here. I’m a

fortunate lady for sure.


Question- Do you have a bucket list? What’s on it?


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