Putting the fun back in the run

I’m so happy it’s Saturday. Races usually fall on a Sunday for me

and for once it happened on a Saturday. I packed it up with Maggie

and Emily to head to the woods of NH for a 10k. It was trail running

at it’s finest. It was hard but a great change of pace.


We made some sweet tutu’s and headbands to rock out.

It was a solid little 10k through the woods and the weather was

perfect for a fall run. The goal was to finish with smiles on our faces.

It was good to do a race with no pressure and just to run for fun.


It was a really small race with about 45 people running. It was a

community-ish run. We came from the big city to run this thing.

It was two loops through a trail in the woods. It was a legit trail.

I thought I might slip and fall and break a bone or 6. But I didn’t.


I gps’d the run and I actually think it was around 5.3 mile total.

I finished in 44:54. So a decent run. Emily finished first for

women and took home the big prize- a box of Clif Products.

YES! So proud of her. And Maggie aka Peg, finished in under an

hour which was her goal. She did fantastic!


We all did great and we had fun. Which was the most important thing.

Andddd we had something to look forward to.


Yes! Hostess Cupcake. RIP Hostess!


So much love going around. With each other and the cupcakes.


It was a great time and we ran for a great time since the proceeds

went to a local soup kitchen.


The best way to get out of a running rut when training for a big race?

Find a local race, run for a cause and dress silly. It puts the fun

back in run. Sometimes it can get tedious. And honestly boring.

You want to retire your running shoes because it gets lonely out

on the pavement. So if you hit a rut- don’t give up. Search for a

race. Find a friend to run with. Get crafty with a costume and have

some fun. And most importantly- finish with a beer.


Question- have you been in a workout/running rut? What did you do

to get out of it?


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